EECC : How Can We Help You

Here are specific ways we may be of service:


Book Manuscripts

  • Theme identification and focusing
  • Thematic development, structuring
  • Publishing prospect research, querying, manuscript proposals

News Releases

  • Editing for news structuring, AP style
  • Editing for grammar and usage
  • Alerting on legal and ethical issues

Essays, Blogs and Speeches

  • Audience research.
  • Editing for theme development and focus
  • Editing for grammar and usage
  • Suggestions for attention-grabbing opening
  • Suggestions for pacing, use of anecdotes
  • Suggestions for ending with a bang

Slide Preparations

  • Avoidance of slide overload
  • Using slides to complement spoken delivery

More About What We Do

We offer assistance in the development and editing of manuscripts, blogs, essays, news releases, speeches, and slides. We take pride in combining journalistic flair with scientific expertise to provide a high quality of service to our clients.

We also offer the following services:

Staff Editorial Assistance

We assist public relations staffs to issue most effective news releases.

Quality Feedback

We provide external feedback to public relations staffs. Even the most seasoned professionals may benefit from this service.

Staff Training

We train inexperienced staff and provide refresher workshops for experienced ones.