About Us

EmEye Communications Consultants

EECC is in the business of getting the point across in the most engaging way.EECC was established in 2008 by a now retired professor of journalism, with over 35 years of classroom and journalism experience. One of his publications is in the anthology Signs of Life in the USA: Readings in Popular Culture for Writers. Among the associates are people with medical, marketing and digital communications expertise. We are guided by a simple principle: that the essence of effective communication has remained the same over time, and that is to reach people where they are intellectually and emotionally. That has remained true from Cicero to Obama, from Guttenberg to Zuckerberg.

Our service is distinct because we fuse journalistic flair with scholarly diligence. We don’t just assist with writing and editing, we also help with researching. And we treat our clients as unique cases.

“The thought of writing hangs over our mind like an ugly cloud, making us apprehensive and depressed, as before a summer storm.” --E. B. White

Why Choose EECC

  • Combine journalistic flair with scholarly expertise.
  • Received the Society of Professional Journalists’ Sigma Delta Chi Award.
  • Have published in Newsweek, Essence, Christian Science Monitor, St. Louis-Post-Dispatch, Columbus Dispatch, and various online outlets.
  • Have authored or contributed to several books on journalism and media studies.
  • Have broad yet specialized knowhow.
  • Have depth of experience in grammar, usage and style.
  • Offer research-based editorial assistance.
  • Offer client-centered and collaborative service.

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